Beginner Advice of Anal Toys

Question:Looking for advise for an anal beginner. What are the best toys to start with?

Reply1:It is best to start your fingers, and work your way up to toys, First invest in a good lube, Have fun.Start with your fingers like Two Grand said, then work up to toys that are the same size/length of your fingers

Reply2:Warm up with a finger (with nicely trimmed nail) accompanied by plenty of lube, then proceed to use a silicone plug like the Mood Naughty in size medium or large. The Mood Naughty’s long and narrow neck helps the plug stay snugly in place and prevents unwanted slippage.

Reply3:Start slow, small, and slippery! Don’t let your eyes be “bigger” than your butthole, start small and work your way up in size…don’t go too big too fast or you’ll not want to try it again. Oh yeah…LUBE, don’t forget the LUBE!!

Oh man, I didn’t do ANY of that with my first time of anal.
We just kind of tried it. We had lube, which was good. It was a little painful, but mostly pleasurable.