What do you do with anal toys you’ve outgrown?

As I become more experienced in anal play and purchase more advanced toys, I’ve noticed that most of my beginner and intermediate toys are collecting dust. Part of me says to throw them out, but the other part says I’ll end up regretting that. I assume other people have been in this situation. What have you all done?

I only use smaller toys, despite being an “advanced” user. However, there are many toys I grow tired of, or don’t like the feel of, and they just get piled in a drawer, or closet and forgotten. Until I purged my “Jelly” toys a few years ago, I had never tossed a toy that wasn’t broken or physically ruined, but I think I really do need to do some serious housecleaning in the “toy” department.

I keep them I tend to to still use them on occasion and would kick myself if I found myself wanting to experience them again and had gotten rid of them. I do keep them stored separate from the ones I use more on a regular basis though.

Selling them has never been an option in my mind. maybe a close friend and the toys are boilable. but still I don’t see my closest friend wanting one of my used anal toys  . I personally keep them in my collection and you never know you might use them again.

Over time some toys are replaced with newer ones. We play with them all allowing time for shrinkage to play with the smaller ones. They are great to wear for extended periods for all day play.

I threw out the ones that definitely did not work out. Did get some just too too large. Guess my eyes were bigger than my …. LOL. I’ve kept my beginners ones. I’m glad I did. Every now and then in the mood to use them. Also who knows, maybe one day my wife may want to try them.

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