Anal toy recommendations

I enjoy a more hard toy when it comes to anal play. I have been thinking of expanding the toy box but I am caught between buying either anal beads or an anal probe. I am concerned that the beads will be too soft or too bendable (for lack of a better word) and end up being something doesn’t do it for me. Are there are any beads that are not as flexible but have a little more give than most probes? Also I prefer harder silicone anal toys over soft.

I already have a few of those. What I like is the gradual increase of bulges in the beads and probes. I have a smaller probe (about 3 inch insertable)and was wanting something a little longer.

Have you seen these things you use to add a flared base to any dildo you like? They are made by Evolved and it appears Eden no longer sells them, but they come in either individual sizes based on the dildo girth, or you buy a set of all three sizes. Here is a link to a good review with helpful pictures showing it on different toys, etc. for the larger one using one of these (available elsewhere –I recommend trying the 3 pk so you’re covered no matter the toy size)

I mistakenly thought in my previous message that I linked you to my review of the Magic Scepter which has this info included! Here is the link to the (discontinued on Eden) three pack of “vibrator enhancers” I mention above.

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