How to prepare your bottom for anal intercourse

Never EVER attempt penetration without first inserting fingers or anal toys – the rectum needs time to get used to things inside it!

You can do this with your partner but you can also do it solo.

If you’re keen to try anal intercourse, prepare by gently inserting a finger into your anus for a minute or two every time you have a shower.

Yes, you will feel mighty weird doing it the first few times but it works.

Insert a fingertip and feel around, identifying both sets of anal sphincter muscles (the external and internal – more about those later) and squeeze the muscles around your finger.

If you’re with a partner, get them to apply lots of good quality lube to both the pad of their finger and the outside of your anus (you MUST use good quality anal lube – thick, slippery and heavy duty – to make anal intercourse comfortable), then massage in a gentle, circular motion.

Wait until your muscles relax, then get them to insert their finger in a little.

Once they’ve been doing this over a few sessions, get them to insert two fingers.

The next stage is to use a butt plug: a small toy that you put inside and leave in while they give you oral sex or stimulate you with their hands or fingers.

Plugs get the rectum used to relaxing around an inserted object.

Glass dildos work well anally because they slide in easily and you can start small and work up to the same penis size as the person penetrating.

Why not go straight for the real thing? Because the dildo isn’t likely to get carried away and start manically thrusting before your partner is ready!