The best love language is Physical touch

1.Play with his hair.
2.Rest your head on his shoulders.
3.Let him rest his head in your lap.
4.Massage his feet.
5.Take a bath or shower together.
6.Slow dance.
7.Rest your hands on the small of his back.
8.Hug him from behind.
9.Kiss his neck.
10.Give his bum a “love tap”.
11.Plan an intimate night for just the two of you.
12.Get him a body massage.
13.Kiss his forehead.
14.Squeeze his hand when you say goodbye.
15.Greet him at the door with a kiss.
16.Sit in his lap(When the setting is appropriate).
17.Cuddle with him for a few extra minutes in the morning.
18.Place his hand on your tummy or waist when you’re cuddled up together.
19.Rub/touch his arm when you walk past him.
20.Have a “Wrestling match” or a “tickle fight”.
21.Cup his face in your hands when you kiss him.
22.Wash his hair and massage his scalp.
23.Wink at him.
25.Lotion his hands and give him a mini spa-like treat.
26.Whisper in his ears the many reasons why you love him.
27.Scratch his back.
28.Use your body language to flirt with him.
29.Grab his arms and wrap them around your waist.
30.Put your hand in his back pocket while you walk together.
31.Grab him by the neck and pull him close.
32.Try new sex way,like the anus sex.