Anal Sex–Making it easy.

Wiki-anal oral sex google imageIf you’re apprehensive about anal sex; you’re not alone. Thousands of women are nervous about trying it. Even more have vowed to never try it again after a bad experience.

Often times, anal sex is thought of as dirty, painful or awkward at the best. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Anal sex can be a highly erotic sexual pleasure with the right approach.


Hygiene is a simple fix. If you have normal firmed bowel movements simply washing with close attention to your bottom should do the trick. For a better cleaning anal douching is an effective choice; visit my article for more about anal douching. Another option is having your partner wear a condom during anal sex. With a condom, clean up is easy in case of an accident.

Warming Up

The number one thing to help you get in the mood for anal sex is warming up your bottom. A sensual booty massage is a great way to help get your bottom relaxed and longing for more attention. Butt plugs are also a dandy little tool. Even the smallest of plug’s work great to relax your anal entrance and reduce the cringe of penetration latter.

To warm things up even more, there are a few intimate tricks that work wonders too. Such as, try using a small vibrator or even a finger to stimulate the tight little hole. Even more erotic is anilingus or anal rimming. During oral sex, visiting down bellow with the tongue and everywhere in-between is a sure way to get ready for more play. Even having a vaginal orgasm before anal sex will make things easier for back door play.

The nitty gritty of anal sex.

The first rule of anal penetration is lube, lube and more lube.

With a generous dab of lube on your little hole and his rod well lubed up, it will slip in easier and smoother. Go slow and have him stop once he’s just a bit inside of you. Breathe and try to relax your muscles; don’t let him move yet.

After a few moments, have him pull back out and re-lube up your bottom and his rod.

Going back in will be a bit easier this time.

However, once again only allow him to go in a little ways and stop. Think about relaxing and take some deep breaths. When you feel comfortable begin to move your hips and enjoy the feeling of him inside of you. After your at ease, allow him to take control and have fun.

Be sure to keep the lube close at hand and have him reapply when needed.

Add extra spice to your anal sex with a clitoral vibe or by using a toy vaginally.

Being intimate in new ways is always a rocky road. Although it may be awkward, exploring new things adds a new dimension to your intimacy and is well worth the journey.

For me personally, I’ve embraced ‘Greek Love’ and enjoy it as much, if not more, than vaginal sex alone. Anal orgasms are some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

I hope these tips help you feel more comfortable and open up to new delights. You never know where the journey may take you.