How to Give Your Lover a Sensual Booty Massage

Your lover’s bottom is a playing field just waiting to be explored. An often over looked erogenous zone, the two cheeks like to be caressed, kneaded, pinched, spanked and so much more.

On way to entice your lover into opening up to its pleasures is a sensual massage. Massaging this area floods the pelvis with fresh blood flow which enhances sexual sensations. Not only the butt cheeks, but also the hips, lower back, and inner thighs are highly erogenous zones. Massaging these areas just might lead to other back door pleasures.

When giving a sensual massage set the mood for your lover to help them relax. Dimming the lights and setting around a few candles are only a couple of the things you can do. Aromatherapy is also a wonderful touch to help your lover relax. Sandalwood is one of my personal favorites. Its aroma is soft, warm and woody without a smelling like perfume or flowery. Best of all, Sandalwood has an ago-old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Another nice touch is wrapping your lover’s bottom in a warm towel for a few minutes while you massage their shoulder and back. Lastly, don’t forget the massage oil. When using oil, remember a little goes a long way and excess oil may not taste nice latter.

There’s no right or wrong way to give a booty massage. However, there are few techniques that can help to make it more enjoyable experience.

Blushing Cheeks is a wonderful way to help loosen up tight and over worked muscles. For this technique, cup your palms on each cheek and rub in slow circular motions until the skin warms beneath your touch. Also, you can kneading and squeezing their cheeks with your whole hand. Once the muscles begin to loosen a bit, make soft fists and slowly kneed and twist them towards the center of your lover’s cheeks.

Surfboading is another technique that works well to relax tight muscles. Straddling your lover’s lower back work their booty from the top down. With lubed hands, place the heels of your palms just above your their cheeks and on either side of the spine. With firm pressure slowly glide your hands down the cheeks to the thighs. Resist the urge to go fast; slow deep strokes are more effective and stimulating.

Pray for More is also an excellent way to relax the inner cheeks and warm up your lover’s booty for play latter. For this technique place your palms together with the pinkies at the top of your lover’s butt cleavage. Slide your pinkies down for a slow ride, nestling them deep in for maximum pleasure. Then glide back up and slowly repeat. You can also add a wave like motion for extra stimulation.

Crease Rider will help to relax their lower booty muscles. Nestle your thumbs into the crease where the legs and butt meet. With firm pressure glide your thumbs in small circular motions. Slowly widen the circle and press deeper as you run your thumbs back and forth across the crease.

After your lover relaxes, you can move onto more concentrated A-spot massage.

Taint Treat, is a nice way to warm their tight button up. For this type of massage spread your lover’s legs wide and place your finger tips on your lover’s taint. Next, slowly and gently move your fingertips in small circles, applying only light pressure as you advance up.

All Thumbs is also a fun and effective. For this, gently place both thumbs deep between your lover’s cheeks on either side of their A-spot. With soft pressure slowly glide your thumbs up and outward. Repeat as you moving down slightly each time until you reach the taint. Repeat the process from the top again.

There are even a few techniques for direct A-spot massage.

Thumb Roller is one of Hubby’s personal favorites. With both thumbs directly on the A-spot stroke up and down as you lift the thumbs in a twiddling motion. This stimulates the outer anal rim as you slowly glide your thumbs across it. Another fun technique is the Butt Buffer. Use one lubed finger to slowly glide back and forth across your lover’s tight hole in a windshield wiper motion. Light pressure can be applied as they relax underneath erotic sensations.

No matter how you choose to massage your lover’s booty, one thing’s for sure, it’s a great way open your lover up to back door pleasures. Take your time, help them relax and before you know it their booty will be yearning to feel more.

Do you have an erotic way to massage your lover or a something special that to warm them up? Don’t keep it a secret, share your kinky thoughts bellow.