10 Reasons to Give Anal Experimentation a Chance

1. It’s a chance to explore and act out new fantasies with your lover.

2. It’s one way to get in touch with your body and learn more about how it works.

3. Both you and your partner have been feeling curious.

4. It’s naughty and you’ve been bad!

5. You can’t get pregnant from anal sex.

6. Two words: Prostate stimulation

7. It’s a way to show your partner you love every part of him or her.

8. It can help you replace longstanding negative feelings about your butt with positive ones.

9. You’d like to mimic your favorite adult film.

10. You’d like to give your vagina the day off.

Of course, there are also reasons why anal sex might not be for you–or why it isn’t for you just yet. However, if you have an interest in anal sex, this guide may be the road map you’ve been looking for in your quest for judgment-free, sex positive, accurate information about safer, pleasurable anal sex.