No More Quickies : Tips for Marathon Sex

Thinking back over the years that I’ve been sexually active, sex was always a quick thing. A little kissing and maybe some oral sex and then ‘wam bam thank you ma’am’. Sex wasn’t something that was savored. It was more of , ‘are you done yet?’ If sex lasted thirty minutes it was to long for me.

Then at forty, a whole new world opened up to me. I learned that sex is fun and I wanted to have it every day to make up for the lost time. But at our age, things don’t always work like you want them to and everyday was a bit much to ask from my disabled husband. Desire is the mother is innovation and we figured out that rather than trying to have sex every day, we could play for hours at a time on the days that Hubby’s back felt up to it.

Quality over quantity became our theory. No more quickies for us, our sex became an event that lasts for hours. Of course, it’s not all penetration. But with creative foreplay mixed with a bit of BDSM, we’ve learned how to make sex last as long as we desire.

Want to enjoy marathon sex in your bedroom? Here’s a few tips to help you stretch out your play time.

Creative Foreplay

Go beyond a little kissing and get creative with your foreplay. Some of our favorite things are sensual massages using our bodies rather than just our hands, oral sex, stimulating your partner with your hands or fingers, spanking and other kinky activities, or using sex toys on each other.

Switching It Up

Sex isn’t all about intercourse. Going from foreplay to intercourse and back to foreplay again is a great way to keep things going. It not only keeps your lover on their toes with erotic surprises, it also prolongs your orgasm (for males) or opens up the door for multiple orgasms.

Accepting Breaks

Interruptions tend to happen. Whether it’s the kids, your lover loses their erection or you just need a time out for a potty break; interruptions don’t have to mean the end of your fun. During these times, try masturbating to keep your excitement level up.

Something New

Using BDSM or role play is the perfect way to keep things exciting. Sensation play, bondage, spanking or even switching roles can help extend your sessions. Whether it’s sensual BDSM or hard-core scenes, being kinky can be just what you need to help you have marathon sexual encounters.

The best thing to happen to my sex life is discovering that sex is fun and can last as long as you desire for it to. What works for me, might not work for you. But, being creative and exploring different things can be the key you need to take your sexual encounters from a quickie to an explosive encounter that just keeps going and going until you’re completely satisfied on many levels.