Floggers Gurdes

So you want to buy a flogger….It can be pretty intimidating with all the different types out there! Hopefully this guide will clear up any concerns.

Elk/Moose hide floggers

Elk and moose skin floggers are great for beginners and for people who don’t like too much pain. The nice thing about these beauties is they ‘thump’. They make a great noise with even the smallest amount of force. They’re very versatile and can go between causing very little pain to really stinging if you use the tails. This is pretty standard for any flogger, other than fur floggers. It takes a very short time to break in an elk skin flogger and they’re great for anyone, really. Over all I suggest these for people who want impact play but aren’t comfortable with pain or ANY beginner.

Standard cow/bull hide flogger

These are similar to the elk skin floggers but the hide isn’t as soft and it takes a much longer time to break in. And even when fully broken in they will never be as soft as the elk skin floggers. It’s just the nature of the cow and bull skin. I don’t suggest these for beginners, simply because the stiffness of the leather make them a little harder to handle, in my opinion. They also tend to hurt quite a bit more and require more skill to get the results you’ll be looking for. You also have a better chance of actually causing quite a bit of pain. That being said they ARE fantastic floggers for people who want a little more ‘pop’ in their impact play. They tend to bruise as well as welt so that’s a plus for a lot of people. Just be careful when shopping around and look for REAL leather and not fake pleather!

Horse hair floggers

Okay. These hurt like a BITCH. But it’s not a pressure kind of hurt. It is a very intense, burning sting. If you like really intense, unusual type of pain I would suggest these. These are a special tool you should make sure you test before using. I would not recommend these for any one other than someone fairly experienced in impact play and well versed in how to use floggers correctly. I only say this because I have seen these break skin on more that one occasion when used by the right person. For this reason please make sure that this type of flogger is ALWAYS sanitized between uses. All your toys should be sanitized between uses but I’m emphasizing it on these bad boys. They’re awesome for those of you who like pain but please test them out and get comfortable with them before using them in a scene.

Rubber or silicone flogger

These are the ones you see most commonly in standard sex stores. All I’m going to say about these is they are NOT for beginners. While they won’t cut into skin like the horse hair…They do leave some pretty intense welts. This is another one I suggest testing out before you buy it. It’s not as EASY to hurt some one with them but in order to get ANY kind of pay off you have to hit some one pretty hard with them. There is no in between with these. They either hurt like a bitch or you don’t feel anything at all. If you are going to invest in one, go through a good store and not you local run of the mill sex shop. Unless your local sex shop has an impressive kink section.

Metal floggers

This is going to be very brief. I don’t really think ANYONE should be using these. Mostly because they’re metal. I know there are a lot of subs out there who want to up their pain levels but I want to advise against these and make a note regarding ALL impact play: Your mind can handle a lot more pain than your physical body. Especially in the moment. You may be doing serious damage to your body and not even realize it because you aren’t registering pain over the adrenaline. So PLEASE take your health and safety into consideration.

That being said, metal floggers can be great sensation tools. Running them over a sub’s back during a scene can cause some pretty intense sensations. They also look pretty intimidating and might be good to have around simply to bring out and show off. But PLEASE do not use them.

Cat ‘O nine tails

This is a broad subject. A Cat doesn’t have to have nine tails. It’s just a general term for a flogger that has fewer, longer, sturdier tails. Cats are FANTASTIC. But again..Work your way up to them. It’s another flogger that causes a stinging sensation but has a little more umph behind it. These are pretty notorious for causing bruises and welts and are really great as long as you know how to use them. They are a lot less forgiving in terms of technique and you really have to know how to handle them in order to get good results. But they get a ten out of ten for appearance, impression and use. As long as you can master them.

Fur floggers

These are awesome and a lot of fun. Most of them are pretty heavy and give a lot of that ‘thud’ impact I talked about earlier. They’re great for the spoiled sub who doesn’t like pain. They feel more like a massage than a beating, really. They also double up and work well during sensation play. Honestly…There is NO pain in these. They are simply for weight. They don’t hurt and they don’t make much of a noise either. But…they are still A LOT of fun.

General information

So those are your basic types of floggers! Keep in mind the matter of sanitation with all of these things! Certain leathers require oils but most of these can be cleaned with a mix of water or alcohol. When talking about any kind of leather though, please refer to proper leather care instructions. Most toy cleaners are a pretty safe bet as well. Always clean your toys and store them properly! This will ensure the safety of your partners as well as the longevity of your toys!

I also want to mention that the type of handle that comes on your toy is important! This is all personal preference of course and there are floggers that double as penetration toys as well as impact toys! Research and figure out whats best for you!

A note on genital impact play. Please be careful. Your naughty bits are sensitive and you can sustain permanent nerve damage if you get hit the wrong way. Don’t go over board with it and use softer materials and never go in just swinging at someone’s dick or clit. Try to aim for fattier areas that contain less nerve endings. If you aren’t skilled with aiming and controlling a flogger then don’t do it AT ALL.

Also keep in mind that at the end of the day you are hitting someone and probably causing some degree of pain. Health and mental state need to be monitored carefully and a first aid kit needs to be kept close by.