Stainless steel or silicone for a newbie to plugs?

What would you recommend and say is best for someone who has never used a plug, or ever even had anything up their butt before?

Bunny tails look so cute and I’d love to try wearing one, but I’m super nervous about it at the same time and not sure what would be more comfortable for a butt-virgin haha. Obviously starting with a small plug makes sense, I’m just wondering if what it’s made out of would make much difference?

If it’s your first plug ever, I’d personally suggest silicone. It’s a bit more forgiving as it has give to the material when youre trying to push it in. Steel does not. Conversely, steel is a bit easier to get in for my wife and I (we’ve both used each plug type)

hopefully I can find a silicone plug with the kind of colour tail I’d like then.