Got my first tail! What do you think? : tailplug

I hope you get the help you need.I think you and your tail are both beautiful

Ahahaha for fucking me while I wear it? I hope so too!

I think that was more directed towards the self-mutilation and not a jab at the fetish.

don’t worry about what some ignorant, mean-spirited losers say. our scars don’t define us in the eyes of those who love us. my boyfriend doesn’t see my scars as any type of damaged goods or something off-putting, even when i see them that way, just as a reality of my body that has no bearing on my attractiveness or worth – your current/future love sees/will see it this way too. the black tail is cute! mine is gray and white, but i’d like to get black too. keep on being you <3

oh and quick edit: since this sub is nsfw, and you have to click on each image to see them, a brief content warning for visible scars may be beneficial for those who are still experiencing the problems we’ve faced. i wholly encourage you to keep posting, but this may be something to consider in the future.

I think the tail is delightfully fluffy. I think your pose shows off your waist beautifully. I think that the curve of your rump is sexy. I hope the cuts were done either in the throes of passion with a lover or consentually.