💛heyhey foxy frens  daddy bought me dis new tail! yayay swishy baby time  : petplay

For what it’s worth for someone with self harm scars too you’re very brave it’s hard to want to move on with your life and put yourself out there when everytime you do people remind you of a dark time.

Also you look good and so does the tail 👌

Ninja edit Nvm checked your profile you’re just heavy in the kink lifestyle respect haha

hey sorry about not replying to you at the same rate as the others, i was a bit confuzzled about what you meant? possibly a combination of autism and word placement, sorry! thank you for the kind words about the tail, i’m very pleased about it too❤️ on the sh front, i’d stick with ur first comment. i probably need to take the knifeplay post down, just me kidding myself that it’s not me ruining my recovery by saying it’s kink. sorry about the confusion ☹️ hoping ur on the journey to recovery too x

Omg, I love your tail! You look amazing <3

I have a lot of SH scars, so I wanted to say thanks for posting here cause it makes me feel more comfortable about maybe posting pics of me sometime!! <3

You are the CUTEST fox ever!!! I’ve always loved foxes but I got too many animals 🤣lol. Btw so much respect to you. I’m not much brave to post my back rolls nonetheless show scars. I luv this pic so much.!! Keep up the good work girly 💛

Whoa! You are such a good little Fox! I wish you were mine 😉 Amazing body <3 you see mostly kitties and dogs on here, absolutely love the foxy!

Scars ain’t nuffin’ to be ashamed of, every one is a mark to be proud of, because you are still here! And beautiful.